EC Link provides Application Development to help our customers solve critical business issues.  Here are some examples of applications that we have developed:

  • Enterprise systems for medium-sized businesses.  One sample client’s system supports the workflow of their 300+ workers, automating the “paper shuffle” that constituted their pre-automation system.  It supports the activities of over 10,000 consumers and also over 10,000 partner organizations.
  • Applications to communicate securely with customers.  Several of our recently implemented systems facilitate secure communications with partners and branch offices.  Several of our clients utilize our applications to allow select customers to configure and purchase products over the web.
  • Intra-company communication tools including workflow, automated routing for approvals, and multiple modes of communication (photos, fax, email).  One recent implementation allows a major retailer to coordinate product purchases from their branch stores and distribution centers.
  • Applications that save time and money.  All of our applications are designed to contribute to the bottom line.


We use standards-based technologies, specifically levering the wide body of common industry software.

We use a methodology to try to identify projects with a reasonably quick payback, and perform an iterative approach with quick delivery of results.  Much better than the traditional “go off and develop a project for a year, and then see how the environment has changed once it’s delivered” approach.