With the ever expanding capabilities of the public Internet, doing business electronically is fundamental to most 21st century organizations whether big or small.  This requirement necessitates that an organization have a well functioning and dependable information network as its pathway to the world of electronic commerce.  Information networks are comprised of numerous technical components that each requires technical care and feeding by knowledgeable people.

EC Link offers Outsourced Information Systems services that allow you to buy just the right amount of technical resource required by your organization.  We provide the appropriate amount of technical help and eliminate the risks of hiring and managing Information Technology employees.  We can be your full service Information Technology Department.

In addition because we have a team of technicians we comprehensively address the variety of skills necessary to manage a broad range of technical components.  Given the complexity of Information networks it is impossible for a single individual to have a deep understanding of all components; the EC Link team spans a much broader spectrum of technologies.  Having our technical team on your side also eliminates problems of absenteeism and vacation time that are inherent to employees.

Customer service aimed at high availability is a core value of the EC Link Outsourced Information Systems services.  We understand that when your network is unavailable it affects your organization’s ability to do their work.  We believe in robust preventative maintenance, down time contingency planning and technical asset lifecycle management to minimize problems, quick response when outages do occur and delivery of all services in a respectful and understandable fashion.